• Sensors repair or Replacement
  • New Openers / Motors
  • Programing Keypads and Remotes
  • New Opener Installations / Repair
  • Replacement and adjusting motors
  • Installation and repairs of keypads
  • 90 Day warranty on all products and services

And Much More ….

 The following types of door-openers, in various configurations and variations, are quite popular these days:

  • Chain-drive openers: These are the oldest type of door-openers commanding a popular market share since the mechanical operation makes it relatively fail-safe; the placement of this door requires careful since they may be quite noisy to begin with, and get noisier in the long run, if not properly maintained,
  • Belt-drive openers: are also mechanically operated but costlier but the advantage they have over their chain-driven counterparts is that they are relatively noiseless though some sound; they are, however, costlier than other types of door openers,
  • Screw-drive openers: find their place between Chain-driven openers and belt-driven openers in terms of noise and cost,
  • Battery-operated door openers are also available according to your needs and your desired comfort level with button operation, remote operation, electronic limiter switches, safety reverser provision, manual operation in case of power failure, backup battery provision, Steel tracks and Aluminium tracks etc.